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Renaissance design also offers hand tufted custom rugs where your custom patterns can be applied to any size and shape rug.  

Clients can choose to either use Wool, Silka or a blend of the two materials to produce the rugs and the maximum pile thickness is between 16mm-22mm. Depending on your custom design, colorways can either be custom dyed to compliment your exact design or simply standard.

Photo credits _ Zac Modirapula


The wallpaper collection was created in collaboration with Robinsprong wallpapers and was distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. The Cohesive Roots Collection is based on a variety of thoughts and observations from in her early childhood village life and the influences and contrast of her subsequent city life.

A mirror reflected at my personal journey, experiences and opinions gathered from the perspective of a ‘CITY GIRL WITH A RURAL HEART’.

Photo credits _ Robinsprong Wallpapers