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Origins is a segment of which will document various cultural experiences. Glorinah will share her visits and further capture these cultures and Tribes whilst highlighting their relevance in the modern world.


Meet the Ndebele people of the MaNdzudza tribe located in Siyabuswa.

They are one of two tribes in the Ndebele Culture the other tribe known as the MaNala tribe.  

Since establishing a relationship with the Queens, it was extremely important to visit the Royal Kraal during one of their most important traditional ceremonies which takes place every 4 years – The coming of age. This ceremony marks the transition of every boy being welcomed into Manhood. 

The Mothers of these boys assemble at the Royal kraal to celebrate together through song and dance. Of course their beautiful traditional blankets take over the attention of any visitor. The combination of the bold black and red pattern creates a striking unique sense of unity and pride. These blankets symbolism the status of a married woman, which is why they are dressed in this very blanket on their wedding day especially when the bride is being accompanied to her in-laws home for the very first time. 

Beautiful beadwork is created to compliment the traditional attire with an unmissable long beaded trail known as ‘Mlingakhobe’ on either sides head  displayed in rows on the floor . These beaded trails are said to symbolize the tears of the mothers who’s children are going through a life changing transition. The beaded headgear is  known as ‘Mkhala’ usually worn by the mothers on the foreheads for a duration of 2 months and they also have to shave their head when the boys leave & on their return.